Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dad, Pop-Pop, PD, Art

It's still a nightmare; one we know we won't wake from, but it still seems as though this has all be completely impossible. On November 15th, literally when we arrived home from hospice and Glynnis' passing, Paul found his dad having a stroke. We never did determine how long he had been slumped, dressed in the bathroom in a very uncomfortable position. No speech, right side completely paralyzed, but somewhat alert. As we stood in the front yard watching the paramedics load Dad into the ambulance, we were sure that it was IMPOSSIBLE for these two major life changing experiences could occur in the same day.
Art had been raking leaves that day and the day before. He was still cooking, driving, grocery shopping, everything except hearing. He would have been 93 on January 24th. Two points of view. One, the fact that he was able to be so active and healthy for so long was a blessing, but, because of that, it gave us a false sense that he would keep beating the odds for many more years. So, even though it may sound strange, it's a shock and surprise that he's gone. Other than six weeks in Hopkins six years ago for heart issues and ten days of hell (hopefully more for us than him) in the hospital then two days in hospice, he was amazing. We do take things for granted, it's human nature to do that, otherwise we would be focusing on the future rather than the present.
He was the only life-long constant in Paul's life. He had lost his mother when he was 18 and she 56. But his dad was always there for him. And, that he lived with us for the last 15 years, makes his absence constantly obvious. It doesn't matter how long one knows that a person is going to pass or if it is sudden, it is still like being hit like a truck.
We all love and miss you so and always will.

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