Thursday, December 15, 2011


On November 15th the world changed and not for the better in my and many others' minds. This beautiful, graceful, glamorous, intelligent, hilarious woman, wife, mother, friend, and overall human being left this life. She was the poster child for great health; the quintessential anti-cancer candidate. She was thin, ate well, exercised, did any "bad" things in extreme moderation. She found out almost seven years ago that she had breast cancer. She "got away" with a lumpectomy and chemo. She lost all of her hair but handled it with such grace and actually made it very creative. Her hair grew back as this fabulous white that had been her signature since. It just further highlighted her gorgeous blue eyes.
And this is the love of her life, Ron. And she was the love of his life-hands down. Frick and Frack; they were a wonderful couple and a great act together. Always making get-togethers worth every minute. Last March she was once again diagnosed with cancer; this time in her shoulder, lung, and somewhat spread to her bones. She immediately started chemo again. Once again she was like iron woman, going through chemo, loosing her hair, but able to continue to function and live her life, and things looked really good. In late September she found out that, instead of killing the cancer, the cancer was aggressively taking over her liver and the areas surrounding it. She began an equally new aggressive treatment which made her quite sick and miserable but without improvement in her progress. The writing was beginning to become clearer on the wall. It was not good.
Glynnis loved Halloween as a grand understatement. Cancer be damned; she and Ron borrowed my truck to pick up an extra big ladder to put up some of the higher Halloween decorations. It's impossible to describe how much Halloween decor they had. Outrageous. Wonderful. So, to our surprise after I'd been with her two days before when she was violently ill, the Halloween party was on. Paul and I discussed our surprise on the way to the party having thought there would be a call at any time during that day canceling the party. My theory was that even if Glynnis had to just sit on the couch and watch the party, the party would go on. But, as you can see above, she was having a good day (at least by appearances). There were a few times she had to sit and rest but she was dancing and having a great time.
Absolutely partners in every way including crime (puns are always intended), in the form of fun and delight and dedication to each other.
While I watched this photo of their family being taken, I was painfully aware that this would probably be their last family photo. I made myself push it out of my mind and just tried to soak in the moment as much as possible. They knew, everyone knew. But they BLEW IT OUT that night and I sucked it up and did my best to do the same-a joke-we all had a fabulous time. We danced and sang loudly (in my case badly) and played. It was perfect. TWO WEEKS BEFORE SHE PASSED AWAY.
Things went down hill shockingly fast. Paul and I were so blessed to be among the family and friends who were with her as she left her earthly body and experienced the most personal of experiences with her as a final gift. And she was a gift; one I can't begin to describe.
This is 1996 on Asilomar Beach on The Monterey Peninsula at our going away party when Paul, Justin, Art, and I moved Maryland. Classic. Signature (at the time) short, red hair and (always) chucks.
This is the arrangement I made for Glynnis' memorial service. She had a little clay angel above the window in the t.v. room of their home so this woman kind of reminded me of that and of Glynnis and all her grace and beauty (and a bit of wacky)-inside and out. Now, please pray for her family, friends, but especially her children, Bryn/21 and Peter/19, and most especially Ron. He has lost his other half, his heart is broken, he is devastated and lost but he is putting one foot in front of the other. He needs all the strength and support and prayers he can get. I miss you and love you so Glynnis.

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