Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Intervention on isle...she's on the move...hurry Lance!!!!

Okay, I'm an artist and have a shop where I need to sell items other than just my art in order to make huge amounts of money (ha!).  Most of the 15 other women in our co-op shop at garage or estate sales.  I don't like to do that because it makes me feel much the same way I do when I buy a lottery ticket; I get real jacked up about what's next-anxious about what I might find but, of course, don't.  Some shop at actual other retail stores and flip items; something I won't do because I'd would be mortified if someone recognized that I did that.  Not that there's anything wrong with it.  I will do thrift shops though.  And the first rule for dealers is DON'T BUY YOUR OWN SHIT.  After, in my case, 12 years, you would be surprised how many times you look at an item and wonder if you had donated it.  I have actually gotten home with something I'd bought then realized I had donated it and just purchases it again.  I went to a new place last week and had that deja vu feeling but I think I did okay.  However, the last few months, as y'all know, have been, mmm, rough.  I've still been purchasing (I've improved a lot the last few years) but, the kicker is, I haven't been doing well about unpacking and "doing" when I get the items home.  Just this last week and, especially the last few days, I've had a boost (knock wood) and am starting to follow through on the soooo many things I need to do.  Above is just the first piece I pulled out Sunday that I got while in New York.  I got some great things from Wendy (another post coming) that I haven't even waded through to but, on the right, is a Jill Scwartz collage that I picked up at a great little shop (Chaos) I spied through the taxi window while Matt and I were on our way somewhere else then walked back to.  I'd seen the cutest top in the window I thought I had to have. $400.  Right.  But, while trying to escape the focused saleswoman, I saw several fun things on some shelves in the back and grabbed three things.  Ha!, it was the clearance area.  I didn't remember that the collage was one of JS's until I unpacked it (I was wearing one of her necklaces when I bought it!).  Isn't it cute?  The book?  Well, that's a vintage Jell-o recipe book of Paul's mom's that I found while moving things around in our small guest room this morning which I thought looked good with the colors in the collage.  So more to come, as per use...

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