Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Okay, here's the deal with Pinterest.

I finally put my finger on the justification for all the obession of Pinterest.  Besides being a big bowl of candy for visual folk, it is a big book of tear sheets.  Seriously, for those of us who have piles and piles of pages ripped out of magazines we want to keep for ideas and/or inspiration.  All neatly ordered by color or subject or whatever you want.

I'd seen this on facebook but found it on Pinterest so I could save it to my "I Want It".  And by I Want It I mean that it's inspiration for a future home, not that Paul would go for this or, for that matter, most of the items in that category! 

And for a good laugh, appropriate or inappropriate.  I prefer, well, we all know. 

I remember this one from the book Rolling Homes.  My sister converted a school bus into a rolling home from this inspiration.  When this photo came up on Pinterest a woman commented that she remembered the photo from a book when she was little.  I was tickled that I could be the one who could remind her what the name of the book was.  BTW, you can't find that book now for under $50; it's out of print and a collectors item.

Self explanatory.

One of mine.  I love clocks.

I never outgrew dolls and doll houses.  The child in me is still alive and well.

This one is for real.  Seriously, this is my dream home.  I was describing this one night while we were out with friends for dinner.  I said that with Paul having been so unhappy with his job for, umm, 13 of the last 15 years, he should retire and we move to San Miguel de Allende and build this.  A friend, Mike, told Paul, "Good luck with that downsized $800,000 tree house".  He's probably right but a girl can dream.

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