Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cleaning Up

Sexy singing voice...aaaaaaat laaaaast...for the second time in a week I've had the energy and wherewithal to tackle my, in swanky language, studio.  The extra bedroom is dedicated to holding the art supplies and waiting for me to be disciplined enough to get off the computer and go in and make things.  Recently, I've had the extra incentive to create art for fundraisers for friends in need.  Wading through the...well, you'll make things has gotten irritating enough to finally do something about it.
This one of those adhesive plastic signs I had made for the studio window a few years ago.  Because of the sun, the sign has gotten chippy, pieces have fallen off, dots missing, but I can't get it off.  The instructions said to use alcohol but, no matter how much I drink, it won't come off.  Just KIDDING.  It's the least of my problems in there.

Here's the mess.  This a grand improvement from several days ago.  This is just one side of the room; the other three sides look better.
In the meantime I pulled this nugget out from behind some things; not hidden but not displayed the way it deserves.  This antique soap dish was given to me by my sister, Valori, and her then-husband, Greg.  They totally got me.  I was all of 14 and it was 1972.  I loved antiques starting at a young age.  This is a perfect, all three pieces, English soap dish.  The brand?  Bristol.  The street we grew up on.  I used it for years but over time I've realized it's just too precious to take the chance, so it's eye candy.  A pretty to make me smile; so simple yet so much love inside it.

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