Friday, December 7, 2012

New Art for Doojies at The Pink Cabbage

 It had been a while since I had really made things for the shop.  I'd been working on school, having gone back to college this fall after 36 years.  Since I was almost finished with the semester and our big Pink Cabbage holiday open house last Saturday, I decided it was time to make some new things.  Above is my twist on toe ballet shoes, only made with antique shoe forms and dressed up with silk ribbon and flowers.

These, I actually made yesterday and packaged today.  These are cute paper hangers that can be used as an ornament or a gift tag (they are kinda like paper dolls); they are about 8" tall and cute, if I do say so myself.  They were fun to make.  Making and putting together the packaging was really fun.
I made these cute, again, ornaments or tags that are paper dresses attached to wire doll hangers by tiny clothes pins.  They are embellished with tulle, flowers, vintage pins.  Next to them are my "Wish Necklaces", they are little viles of "pixie dust" (glitter) and hung on a chain with a wish ticket and a paper flower.  The little girls love them.  It felt great to create again.  Shockingly, the academics didn't fulfill that need in me like I was hoping it would.  I get discouraged with my art because, though people say they love it, they're not too sure what to do with it.  Our shop is in a conservative area and I'm not quite as mainstream as some of the other women who sell better there.  I got a little discouraged last week but I just keep making things because it's me who needs it, maybe not the public (which would be nice-I need to turn over merchandise so I have room to make more), but I'll always need to be creative and it help me a lot with my little dark moments.  It's the one thing that I've carried around with me my whole life that I can turn to to distract myself and feel better about things-huge.  Thanks for stopping in!  Next up...getting ready for the holiday I've been waiting so long for...Christmas with all my kids!!!


Julia said...

Adorable always. And what about school? Just how is that going?

And your kids? Everybody okay?

Myself? Feeling a little stressed and blue...but pushing through it. Like you, I have always found an escape in art. But for now, I have no time for it. Tomorrow, I will gift wrap all the packages I've accumulated. I will pretend it's "art" I'm doing.

Love you. Mizjuney

Doojies said...

Thanks Miz Juney! And no blue for you! Are the kids all going to be home for Christmas? The semester is over, now onto my PhD-ha! It went fine. Your house looks great so I know you've been creating. Call me if you need to talk. Love you too!