Monday, December 10, 2012

The Reluctant Christmas Decorator is on Vacation

I used to decorate for Christmas when my kids were little.  In recent years holidays have just been my husband and his father, my youngest son, and me.  I lost the motivation to do much for the same crew every year.  Without going through the dreary list of last year's losses, we didn't have Christmas.  We exchanged a couple of gifts and had a good meal but no tree, etc.  We just didn't have the heart for it.  

Now with the top notch and window decor.
And a new addition; wings from Karla Nathan framed with old shabby frame by the tree.
This is a whole 'nother year though and I've got my Christmas cheer back.  Getting to have Thanksgiving with my family in Oregon just kicked things off wonderfully.  And having so many losses last year, we all need this pick-me-up.  Matt wanted a much bigger tree but I really like it.  We haven't even had time to put the top ornament (from Paul's family way back) yet because Paul and Matt put it on together and Paul's not even gotten home yet before I'm here ready to post!!  And a close-up of my really old macaroni ornament that I think I made in Brownies.  It could be that Miz Juney has one too since we were in the same den (is that the term?).

The mantle.  I can't stand to take this fabulous, huge photograph down because it's so fun to look at, but I did decorate around it.  I'm sure this all looks pretty tame compared to most people, which it is, but there aren't photos of everything up here yet.  Here's a little close up and a trophy, ornament match-up.
I even did a little on the staircase.  I'm not one to decorate every room.  I know lots of people who have multiple trees, like two, three, or even four. 
 I did put a Christmas hand towel in the powder room and the big gold bow.  I mean, I'm on fi-ya.
And even the master back got a little something!  Only 'cause I had something cute to put together.  I don't know if you can see my sweet little Santa in the trophy planter and, come on, pink.

And now for my motivation.  Here's the group who will be at our home for Christmas.  This photo was taken the last time we were all together, for my 35th high school reunion a year and a half ago.  And I haven't had Christmas with all of my children in eight years.  And this will be the first one with our Kristen and the first time she's coming to our home.  And she's never been here so we are so excited to take her to D.C. and show her around the nation's capitol and all the other cool stuff here.  I'm over the moon.  What a banner year for holidays.  Here's wishing everyone a wonderful holiday whichever one you celebrate!!!!


Julia said...

No, Mizjuney doesn't have her macaroni ornament. Probably because her mother didn't save sentimental items...just aluminum foil and the rolls from gift wrapping paper. But we won't go there.

So happy for you and what looks to be a great Christmas gathering!

xoxo, j

Maya Perez said...

So excited for you to have all your kids home for Christmas! Wish we were going to be there. Sounds like fun!!