Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day Three, Saturday

Janine and Woody were so generous to let us use the global warmer while my family was here since my wiener car only holds 4 and the Subdivision rides at least 7. So on Saturday Paul took all the young folk on a tour of D.C. while Nanny, Mimi (aka Valori below), and I watched and tried hard to keep sick little Ben either happy or asleep. He even let me hold him when he was too out of it to notice it wasn't Mimi who had him.I was so glad all the guys got to go (Lucas was there too, just being the photographer), they had fun. Especially for Eder who had never been east of California or Oregon, but also since Aaron is now 12 and will be able to remember. The last time he and Maya were here and toured D.C. they were 15 and 2.
Eder, Maya, Aaron, and Matt.
Justin, Matt, and Paul. They all complained about being worn out when they got back but the legal ones rallied in time to do a little bar-hopping partying that night.

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