Saturday, December 1, 2007


In the early afternoon some of the group decided they wanted to take a "quick trip" to the Inner Harbor. Lucas had already taken Eder on a quick tour on Friday while we took baby Ben to the doctor. So the rest of us loaded up and, being the perfect tour hostess, we arrived just as the comedian/magician was about to start his show. Here's where we first asked him to take OUR picture. Whoa, dude, where have those hands been?
He was hilarious and not to be missed when visiting Charm City. He was literally dragging girls in by their ponytails, taking couples by the hands and leading them into the amphitheater, forcing folks to come watch his show. I think he liked us best 'cause we just voluntarily sat down from the get go and tipped generously.
Taking a cue from the magician part of the showman's personality, my mom tricked us into going to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I had a list longer than my arm that I had planned to complete that afternoon but didn't get to at all. We tricked Mom by going to the giant, three story Barnes and Noble and shopped during our wait time-ha! It was early to bed that night as the next day was a big one...