Friday, July 2, 2010

New, Big Project

So it's been since year before last that we did our last show house.  We used to do it every year for a few years in a row but a year stopped being long enough for us to forget not to do it again.  It's like childbirth, you forget the pain and just remember the good stuff.  So we went to see the house and got totally sucked into the whole idea by our Pink Cabbage leader, Jody.  We are doing this under the umbrella of The Pink Cabbage but Karen is lead designer.  Jody, Kate, and I are second opinions, helpers, and any other thing to lend any support, ideas, and work for Karen.   There are lots of spaces in the house.  We decided we really wanted to do the master bedroom.  Then there was the master bath attached and beyond that a dressing room.  So we went crazy and pitched for all three.  Low and behold we got it all!  The great thing about this house is that it is for sale, empty, and the owners have had all the walls patched, painted fresh, and best-all the wood trim has already been painted the color we usually have to do ourselves.  So half of our usual work is almost cut in half.  I'll be sure to take before, during, and after pics and post.  The actual work doesn't start until late July so we still have our trips to Penn State and the Virgin Islands to take before we start getting dirty.  Stay tuned.

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