Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation Swap

So I signed up for Jenny Holiday's Everyday is A Holiday Vintage Vacation Swap a few weeks ago.  Above is the logo she made for the swap.  The deadline was yesterday but, because we are all artists, she extended it to July 15th.  So I was doing great only being behind a couple of days.
This is another photo from Jenny as inspiration for the art.  I love the photo.
So here is what I put together and mailed out today for my swap partner, Kath.  It's a travel-themed hand mirror, salt water taffy, a steampunk Taxi necklace, and a little camera for crafting with or looking at the photos of dinosaurs inside it.  I haven't seen any of the photos of what the other girls are doing so I'm glad I got my package out before I could curl into the fetal position feeling so like an amateur next to them.  I hope Kath will like these though and I hope she doesn't sneak a peek...I sent it priority. 

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