Thursday, January 20, 2011

From procrastination to fruition.

Last year I had a difficult time getting through winter especially the one storm when we got three feet.  I was more ready this year.  Okay, yes, a med adjustment since then but still...and we've only had a few inches at a time.  We are supposed to get 1-3" tonight.  Don't envy us; snow days turn into extra days at the end of the year.  Summer break didn't start until June 20th last year!  Okay, off subject.  

I purchased a kit from The Pink Studio last year which included this Valentine heart box and little bubble window.  I had lost it in my studio for quite a while.  I found it about 5 months ago but still it sat right next to me.  If you are an artist you will understand this.  I just have to get in the mood or the spirit has to move me.  

Back to yucky winter-I finally learned that when I'm feeling that feeling if I'll just go into my work room it immediately helps.  Most times the first thing I need to do is clean at least enough to make room to 1) get in, and 2)get to make something.  I have two desks but I always work on the floor.  I'd love to have one of those huge, long tables in the middle of the room but I'm smart enough to realize how blessed I am to have a room dedicated to just my art that I'd never complain.   

Once clean, I root around for inspiration.  Right now is finishing things or starting things that are ready to go.  Short story endless, that's what this was.  A kit that I completely revamped with my own paper and vignette inside.  

Lest you think I live a queen's life~I am resurfacing my family room floors tomorrow.  Balance.  Art~Work.  Cook~Watch Glee.  Laundry~Nap.  I still want to earn my keep and be a productive citizen.  And make pretty things.

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