Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Shopping

So the boss of this office where I am today in Bethesda with the great Internet service told me that there is good shopping around here.  Something for me to do to kill time (sheesh, I haven't even gotten to Facebook yet).  Cartier, Bulgari, Ralph Lauren, Barney's, Gucci.  He doesn't know me very well, obviously.  

I did need to get out and get real air and see the sun (bonus) and get something to eat and drink.  I see Hoochie Coochie over there but as I head for my last choice, Starbuck's, I see WHOLE FOODS.  I love Whole Foods; 40 minutes to the nearest one from home.  On my way to Whole Foods I see ANTHROPOLOGIE.  Gotcha.  I broke a world record; I DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING AT ANTHROPOLOGIE~first time ever.   Karma rewarded me.

Onward to WF.  I know I'm going to get something for dinner to heat up but the deli is the first thing I come to.  I got my wonderful salad and juice AND THEN I got the ABOVE.  I've never seen American Pie so I don't know the exact context, but I can't decide whether to eat it or marry it.  I mean, look at that thing.  I've always wanted the classic Cartier tank watch but I'll take a cupcake until then.

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Linda said...

When I saw first thought was "SURELY that's not real". OMG! I hope you ate the whole thing, girl!